Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SQL Server "Denali" - SSAS Cube Browser - Query Design mode

In SQL Server Denali CTP3 , i noticed this cool feature Query Design mode in the cube. In the previous versions to get the MDX query for the attributes used in the report area we need to run the profiler to obtain the MDX query being generated. But in Denali , this has been made very simple by Query Design mode.

Click on the Query design mode on the tool bar and you will see the MDX query for the attributes and measures in the reporting area.

Also in this mode you can modify or write your own MDX query as like in the SSMS window.

This is really a cool feature which makes the developer life with below benefits

1. No need to run the profiler to get the MDX being designed.
2. MDX query can be written in the BIDS itself for testing the cube rather than switching to SSMS.

For more details , Refer to the below link

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